Why firewall is blocking the internet?


My Experience with Firewalls and Internet Blocking

In my years of using computers and navigating the internet, I have come across various instances where firewalls have blocked my internet connection. It can be frustrating and confusing, especially when you don’t know how to troubleshoot the issue. Through trial and error, I have learned some key points and solutions to overcome firewall blocking. In this article, I will share my personal experiences and provide answers to commonly asked questions about firewalls and internet blocking.

Key Points

1. Understanding Firewall Blocking

Firewalls are designed to protect our devices and networks from unauthorized access and potential threats. However, sometimes these firewalls can mistakenly block legitimate internet connections. It is important to understand the reasons behind this blocking and how to address it.

2. Recognizing Firewall Configuration Issues

One common cause of firewall blocking is misconfigurations. These can occur due to user error or a lack of understanding of firewall settings. It is crucial to review and adjust firewall configurations to ensure that they are accurate and aligned with your internet usage needs.

3. Troubleshooting Firewall Problems

When facing issues with firewall blocking, it is essential to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of the problem. This may involve checking firewall settings, ensuring that incoming and outgoing traffic is not blocked, and allowing specific applications to access the internet. Additionally, temporarily disabling the firewall or adjusting its security level can be effective troubleshooting steps.

4. Ways to Bypass Firewall Block

In some cases, you may need to bypass firewall blocks to access specific websites or services. Using a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy server can help route your traffic through secure servers, making it harder for firewalls to block your connection. However, it is important to prioritize security and choose reliable VPN or proxy services.

5. Checking Router Firewalls

If you have a home WiFi network, your router might have its own built-in firewall. It is essential to check your router’s settings and ensure that its firewall is enabled. This adds an extra layer of protection to your network and devices.

Questions and Answers

1. How can I remove an internet blocking firewall?

Click Control Panel from the search results. Select System and Security. Click Windows Defender Firewall. Choose the option to turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both private and public network settings. Please note that turning off the firewall is not recommended unless you have alternative security measures in place.

2. How do I know if my firewall is blocking my WiFi?

You can use the Command Prompt to check for blocked ports. Type ‘cmd’ in the search bar, right-click on Command Prompt, and select ‘Run as Administrator.’ In the command prompt, enter the command ‘netsh firewall show state,’ which will display all the blocked and active ports configured in your firewall.

3. What are some common solutions to fix firewall problems?

Common solutions to fix firewall problems include checking firewall settings, ensuring incoming and outgoing traffic is allowed, and allowing applications to access the internet. If the issue persists, you can try temporarily disabling the firewall, lowering the security level, or switching to a different firewall mode.

4. How do I allow internet access through my firewall?

To allow internet access through your firewall, go to Start and open Control Panel. Select System and Security, then choose Windows Defender Firewall. From there, you can turn on the Windows Firewall for domain, private, and public network settings.

5. What should I do if my internet connection is blocked?

If your internet connection is blocked, you can try several troubleshooting steps. These include resetting your modem and router, checking firewall and antivirus configurations, running Windows Network Diagnostics, and uninstalling VPNs if you have any installed.

6. Is it possible to unlock my internet connection?

If you want to unlock your internet connection, you can look for a security options or wireless security section in your router’s settings and change the setting to None or Disabled. However, keep in mind that removing security measures can expose your network to potential risks.

7. Why am I being blocked from websites?

There can be various reasons why you are being blocked from websites. One common scenario is making multiple incorrect login attempts, triggering security measures on the server. Adhering to login restrictions and ensuring correct credentials can help avoid these blocks.

8. Can firewalls block all unauthorized access?

Firewalls play a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access to your computer or network. However, they are not foolproof. It is important to keep your devices protected with strong passwords and consider additional security measures like hardware authentication tokens for enhanced protection.

9. Do routers have built-in firewalls?

Many routers come with built-in firewalls as a standard feature. When accessing your router’s administrative console, look for a security or firewall configuration page to adjust the firewall settings if necessary.

10. What are common causes of firewall failure?

According to research, misconfigurations cause the majority of firewall breaches. User error and inadequate investigation into firewall settings can lead to inaccurate firewall specifications and potential failures. Implementing proper configuration practices is crucial to prevent firewall-related issues.

11. What causes firewalls to fail?

Firewalls may fail due to various reasons. Misconfigurations, technical issues, external sources, and lacking proper firewall policies can contribute to firewall failure. Regularly reinforcing and reviewing firewall settings can help mitigate these failures.

Why firewall is blocking the internet?

How do I remove Internet blocking firewall

Click Control Panel from the search results.Select System and Security.Click Windows Defender Firewall.Click the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off option.Click the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) radio buttons under the Private network settings and Public network settings. Click OK.

How do I know if my firewall is blocking my WIFI

Check for Blocked Port using the Command PromptType cmd in the search bar.Right-click on the Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.In the command prompt, type the following command and hit enter. netsh firewall show state.This will display all the blocked and active port configured in the firewall.

How do I fix my firewall problem

Common issues and solutions include checking firewall settings to ensure incoming and outgoing traffic is not blocked and allowing applications to access the internet. If the issue persists, try disabling the firewall temporarily or lowering the security level or switching to a different firewall mode.

How do I allow Internet access through my firewall

In this articleGo to Start and open Control Panel.Select System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.Choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off.Select Turn on Windows Firewall for domain, private, and public network settings.

How do I fix my internet connection is blocked

How to Troubleshoot:Reset your modem and router: Disconnect the cable that connects the computer to the modem. Turn off the modem and the router.Check firewall and antivirus configurations; follow the steps in this article.Running Windows Network Diagnostics.Uninstall VPN if you have any.

How do I bypass a firewall block

VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) can help bypass firewalls and intrusion detection systems by routing traffic through a secure server. Proxy server: A proxy server can help mask the origin of the traffic, making it harder for the firewall or intrusion detection system to trace the source of an attack.

Does my home WiFi have a firewall

Most routers come with built-in firewalls, so check your settings to make sure your router's firewall is turned on. Protect your devices. Just as hackers can get to your data through unsecured networks, they can also get to your network through unsecured devices.

What is the most common cause of firewall failure


According to Gartner's research, misconfiguration, not flaws, causes 95 percent of all firewall breaches. This signifies that a firewall's specs are inaccurate due to user error or a lack of investigation.

What causes firewall failure

Breach In The Perimeter: Top Reasons For Firewall FailureFirewall Misconfigurations. 99% of firewall failures are a result of firewall misconfigurations, not necessarily because of flaws within the firewall itself.Technical Issues.External Sources.Lacking Firewall Policy.Reinforce Your Firewall.

Does my router have a firewall

After you log in to your router's administrative console, look for a configuration page labeled Security or Firewall. This indicates that your router has a built-in firewall as one of its features.

Can I unlock my Internet connection

Look for a Security Options or Wireless Security section and change the setting to None or Disabled. The exact options may differ slightly based on your router. Select Apply to make the change permanent. Your router is now accessible by everyone, and you can connect without a password.

Why am I being blocked from websites

The most common scenario for getting blocked by your server is trying to log in too many times too quickly or with incorrect credentials. Most servers have a time limit placed for the number of login attempts.

Do firewalls block all unauthorized access

Firewalls also cannot prevent unauthorized access to your computer. If your computer has a password, it is important to make sure you keep it private. A better defense is to use a hardware authentication device like a token. A user would need to have the token to get into your computer.

What is the code to disable firewall

ProcedureOpen a command prompt in "Run as administrator" mode (or PowerShell) and enter: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off.To verify that Windows Firewall for all networks is off, enter: netsh advfirewall show all.

Is a firewall between the Internet and router

Unlike routers and switches, firewalls are network security appliances. While routers (without firewall capabilities) blindly pass traffic between two separate networks, firewalls monitor the traffic and helps block unauthorized traffic coming from the outside trying to get into your network.

Do Wi-Fi routers have built in firewalls

Most routers come with a built-in firewall that is designed to allow outgoing traffic to easily pass into the worldwide web but prevents any incoming traffic requests. This doesn't mean you can't download anything either, although it can inhibit connections to certain sites or services if it isn't configured correctly.

What happens if firewall fails

Because of Unresolved firewall issues, a firm becomes open to exploitation, allowing viruses to infect networked devices and cybercriminals to execute harmful code remotely. Total network failure is one of the worst-case scenarios that can occur in the unresolved firewall issues.

What causes 99% of firewall breaches

Gartner also posits that “99% of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations, not firewall flaws.”

How long does it take to fix a firewall

A typical firewall upgrade takes about two hours, with between 15 minutes and one hour of internet downtime.

How do firewalls get hacked

Social engineering: By tricking users into divulging sensitive information or taking certain actions, it becomes easier for an attacker to bypass the firewall or intrusion detection system. Physical access: By physically accessing the network or system, an attacker can bypass the firewall or intrusion detection system.

Does firewall go between modem and router

What we call a hardware firewall is a security appliance that sits between the modem and the router. It might be standalone piece of hardware, or built into the router itself.

Does firewall connect to modem or router

Since a router is the main connection from a home network to the Internet, the firewall function is merged into this device. Every home network should have a firewall to protect its privacy.

Why is my Internet connection locked

A lock next to a network means that network requires a password to join. Make sure your WiFi switch is toggled on. If you are connected to a network you will see a green message beneath the network. If you are connected but still can't get online, you may need to sign permissions or you may need to refresh your screen.

What does it mean when the internet is locked

When you go to a site that has a padlock icon next to the site name, it means the site is secured with a digital certificate. This means that any information sent between your browser and the website is sent securely, and can't be intercepted and read by someone else while the information is in transit.

How do I stop websites from blocking my Internet

Method 1: Use a proxyMethod 1: Use a proxy.Method 2: Use the Google cache.Method 3: Try a URL shortener.Method 4: Try the IP address.Method 5: Unblock websites in Chrome and Safari.Method 6: Switch between HTTP and HTTPS.Method 7: Use Tor Browser.Method 8: Use a VPN.