Is Surfshark really unlimited?


Surfshark is a VPN service that offers strong privacy protection and affordable pricing options. It is not a free VPN but includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Surfshark has a user-friendly interface and provides access to Netflix and other popular streaming platforms.

Main Thought

Surfshark is worth the money due to its commitment to privacy and its inclusion in the list of best no-log VPN services.

Key Points

1. Surfshark Pricing

Surfshark offers various pricing plans, including monthly, 1-year, and 2-year subscriptions. The 2-year plan is the most cost-effective option, priced at $2.49 per month.

2. Free Trial and Refund Policy

Surfshark does not offer a free plan but provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows users to try the service risk-free and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied.

3. Downsides of Surfshark

One drawback of Surfshark is the absence of a dedicated VPN router app. Additionally, some users may experience slower internet speeds when using a VPN.

Questions and Answers

1. Is Surfshark worth the money?

Yes, Surfshark is worth the money due to its strong focus on privacy and inclusion in the list of best no-log VPN services.

2. How much does Surfshark cost after 24 months?

Surfshark costs $59.76 for a 24-month subscription, which includes one free month. This amounts to an annual payment of $59.76 after the initial 25 months.

3. Is Surfshark a free VPN?

No, Surfshark is not a free VPN service. However, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try the service without risk.

4. How do you cancel Surfshark?

To cancel Surfshark’s auto-renewal, simply sign in to your account, go to the profile settings, and choose the subscription option. From there, you can easily cancel the subscription.

5. Should I leave Surfshark on all the time?

Keeping Surfshark running all the time on your device can enhance security and privacy. However, it may lead to increased mobile data usage, especially if you have a limited data plan.

6. Is Surfshark blocked by Netflix?

Surfshark is not blocked by Netflix and can successfully unblock the streaming platform. It also offers fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

7. Which VPN is better than Surfshark?

NordVPN is a popular VPN service that offers more server locations (5,000+) compared to Surfshark’s 3,200-plus. Both providers have their strengths and weaknesses, so it depends on your specific needs.

8. Why shouldn’t I use a VPN all the time?

Using a VPN can slightly decrease your internet speed, which may not be desirable if you have a slow internet connection. Additionally, if you have privacy concerns, using a VPN constantly can expose your online activities to the VPN provider.

9. Is Netflix still banning VPNs?

Netflix blocks IP addresses that belong to VPN servers to prevent VPN users from accessing its content. While some VPNs can bypass these restrictions, there is always a possibility of Netflix detecting and blocking VPN connections.

10. How do I fix Netflix not working with Surfshark?

To fix any issues with Surfshark and Netflix, try selecting a static IP from the Surfshark VPN client. This ensures a consistent IP address for your connection and may resolve the problem.

11. What is the best VPN overall?

ExpressVPN is often regarded as the best overall VPN service. It provides extensive platform compatibility and is known for its strong reputation and commitment to user privacy.
Is Surfshark really unlimited?

Is Surfshark worth the money

Compared to other VPNs we've tested, Surfshark keeps the minimal amount of data necessary to run its service, making it a great choice for privacy. In fact, it's on our list of one of the best no-log VPN services out there.

How much does Surfshark cost after 24 months

Surfshark VPN pricing

Plan Monthly price Total amount billed
1 Month $12.95/mo $12.95 monthly
12 Months $3.99/mo $59.76 annually
24 Months + 1 Free Month $2.49/mo $59.76 now and annually after 25 months

Jul 7, 2023

How do you get Surfshark for free forever

No. Surfshark is not a free VPN service and does not offer free plans, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you can try Surfshark risk-free, and if you change your mind, you will be fully refunded.

Is Surfshark monthly or yearly

Surfshark offers monthly, 1-year, and 2-year subscriptions, and all of them are billed differently: The monthly plan is billed every month; The 1-year plan is billed every 12 months; The 2-year plan is billed once at the beginning of your subscription and then annually after it expires.

What are the downsides of Surfshark

Surfshark VPN on routers

Another drawback I found with Surfshark is that there is no VPN router app. Some VPNs, such as ExpressVPN and VyprVPN, offer a dedicated app that can be used with some routers, with the right firmware. This makes it very easy to get the VPN up and running, assuming you have the right router.

Is Surfshark hard to cancel

Canceling Surfshark's Auto-Renewal

Simply sign in to your account, click on the profile icon, and choose Subscription. You will see your active subscription now, as well as the option to cancel it. Simply click on that option, confirm your choice, and you'll stop all recurring payments from Surfshark.

Should I leave Surfshark on all the time

You should keep running a VPN on an iPhone or Android if you want enhanced security and privacy. However, if you're on a limited data plan, remember that running a VPN will increase your mobile data usage.

Is Surfshark blocked by Netflix

Surfshark is a premium VPN service that unblocks Netflix and has fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Plus, you can share your VPN connection with multiple devices.

Which VPN is better than Surfshark

NordVPN and Surfshark both have a similar number of server locations: around 60. However, NordVPN has more servers (5,000+) compared with Surfshark's 3,200-plus. If you're planning to connect your VPN to specific locations, you can look up which location each company's servers are connected to online.

Why you shouldn’t use VPN all the time

Slow internet isn't always because of your internet service provider. A VPN will slow your internet speed slightly. Even though it's hard to say if you'll notice the difference, you might decide to turn off your VPN to improve your internet speed.

Is Netflix still banning VPN

Is Netflix blocking VPN users No, Netflix doesn't block VPN users. Instead of blocking separate accounts, Netflix blocks IP addresses that belong to VPN servers. It has several methods to detect if an IP address belongs to an actual user, or to a VPN.

Why can’t i open Netflix with Surfshark

The way to fix this is, go to the Surfshark VPN client, and tick the "static IP" tab, pick one of the VPN servers there. This will cause Surfshark to always use the same IP to connect. After this I no longer have any problem using Surfshark VPN with Netflix – at least on my Android TV boxes.

What is the #1 best VPN


Best VPN overall

ExpressVPN is our top choice for the best VPN service. It's one of the most popular VPN providers, offering a wide range of platforms, and it's a well-regarded, trusted service. Platforms include Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Amazon operating systems.

What is the number one strongest VPN

The Best VPNs of 2023NordVPN: Best Overall.TorGuard VPN: Most Customizable VPN.TunnelBear: Best for Beginners.Private Internet Access: Best for Customizable Security.ProtonVPN: Best for Tor Best for Wi-Fi Security.Surfshark: Best for Unlimited Connections.

What happens if you use a VPN for too long

VPN could slow your connection

Although VPNs are a great way to counter privacy violations, they have some drawbacks, and one of them is slowing down your connection. This can happen because VPNs redirect your traffic through remote servers, which can cause delays – the farther the servers are, the longer the delay.

What does VPN not protect you from

It's important to remember that VPNs do not work in the same way as comprehensive anti-virus software. While they will protect your IP and encrypt your internet history, but that is as much as they can do. They won't keep you safe, for instance, if you visit phishing websites or download compromised files.

Why is Netflix blocking VPN

In short, Netflix bans VPN connections because they don't have the rights to air certain content in many countries. So when a subscriber uses a Netflix VPN to watch a show that isn't typically available in their region, Netflix is in violation of their copyright agreement.

Why has Netflix blocked VPN

Netflix and other online streaming services will notice when multiple users repeatedly connect from the same IP address. This indicates that a particular IP address belongs to a VPN or proxy service. Thus, Netflix blocks that address to ensure it remains unusable for bypassing geographical restrictions.

Is NordVPN or Surfshark better

While both NordVPN and Surfshark may appear equally robust, NordVPN is preferred by VPN users for its better connection speeds and unique features, such as Meshnet. On the other hand, Surfshark, being more budget-friendly, is favored for its unlimited simultaneous connections.

What is best unlimited VPN

1. Proton VPN – the best free unlimited VPN overall. Proton VPN is the best unlimited VPN with a free version. Thanks to its unbreakable security, fast connection speeds, no-logs policy, and unlimited data, you can surf the Internet freely without any limitations or risks.

What is the best VPN that can’t be blocked

Comparison of the Best VPNs for Avoiding VPN Blockers in 2023

VPN Starting price Has obfuscation
��1. ExpressVPN $6.67 / month
��2. Private Internet Access $2.11 / month
��3. NordVPN $2.99 / month
4. Surfshark $2.21 / month

Will I get caught if I use VPN

Police can't track live, encrypted VPN traffic, but if they have a court order, they can go to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request connection or usage logs. Since your ISP knows you're using a VPN, they can direct the police to them.

Can the police track a VPN

With a VPN on, the user's online activities and data are encrypted. But, if the VPN software has security flaws and vulnerabilities, the police (or any other third party, for that matter) can use them to “break into” the VPN and see what data is being sent and received. So technically, the policy could track a VPN.

What happens if Netflix catches you using a VPN

Netflix isn't a fan of virtual private networks (VPNs) and has expressly outlined in its terms of service that your account can be suspended or deactivated if you're caught sharing passwords with members outside of your household or accessing geo-restricted Netflix content.

What happens if Netflix finds out you’re using a VPN

This message means your device or network connects to Netflix through a VPN or proxy service. VPNs can change or hide your internet location, which may cause issues. To continue watching, turn off any active VPNs. You can't use a VPN while watching a live event on Netflix or with an ad-supported plan.